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The Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association is designed for motorcycle road racers by motorcycle road racers. It is the place to twist the throttle to the stop, tilt the horizon and chase down the checkered flag. With our 2-day double-header format, CVMA offers a ton of racing. Get signed up HERE and let's race!


Chuckwalla was designed with the Motorcycle rider in mind, with wide run offs and very little to hit, you can practice the art of the lean as safely as possible.

Q.  What gear do I need?   
A.  You will need a DOT & SNELL approved full face helmet, a leather suit (1 or 2 Piece that zips together), gloves that cover the wrist, boots that go above the ankle and a back protector.

Q.  What do I need to do to my bike?
A.  Your bike needs good tires and must be in good working order with no leaks or any kind.  The chain should be tight and maintained property.  You must also cover your bike's brake light, headlight and signals covered with tape, and the mirrors must be removed.  You will also need to have your oil drain plug safety wired or siliconed.

Q.  Can I bring more than one bike and ride them all?
A.  Yes you can bring multiple bikes but they they will all need to be prepared for the track with the proper tires and in good condition.

Q.  I've never ridden on a track before, what is a good track day for beginners?
A.  Most track day organizations have A/B/C Groups, with A being the fastest and C being the beginners and smaller displacement bikes.  When at your first track day you'll want to take your time, learn the proper technique and get comfortable before you start going fast, so choose a track day that offers newbies a group where they can get acclimated.

Q.  Do I need tire warmers?
A.  On colder days it is recommended that you use tire warmers, however this is your choice.  Just be sure to take it easy of your first lap or two until your tires come up to temperature and give you maximum grip.

Q.  What if I Crash?
A.  A red flag will come out and the other riders will head back into the pit.  If you can pick up your bike and ride it back in safely then that is encouraged, but if the bike is damaged a truck with a trailer will come out and recover your bike.  In the unlikely event that you crash and are injured an ambulance is on site for every motorcycle track day.

Q.  What if I want to Race?
A.  CVMA is the race series at Chuckwalla and offers some stiff competition for those looking to hone their skills on two wheels.