TT Flat Track - Right & Left Turns

  • 87,500 sq ft of Clay, pressed flat so you can get Sideways

  • Fleet of 12 NEW Yamaha TTR 125s, knobby fronts, slick rears, & set up to slide

  • 300,000 Lumens of LED lighting keep the fun going when the sun goes down

Experience the brand new: Slide Chuckwalla - Dirt Track Experience

Spend the days ripping around the beautiful SoCal desert enjoying exciting dirt rack fun on our new fleet of Yamaha TTR 125s.

On most Motorcycles track days FLAT TRACK Night riding begins at 7:00 PM and goes till 9:00 PM. So you can show off your new skills under the lights!

On Sunday the fun starts up again at 8:00 AM with breakfast in the classroom. Come geared up and be ready to hit the track at 8:30 AM and ride til noon. Lunch will be served at noon under the tents at the Flat Track. Free ride the rest of the day from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

 Head back to reality with an amazing dirt experience and new skills you'll never forget!


Q.  Why should I give flat track a try?   

A.  First, it's a blast! Flat track helps teach you better bike control while developing more feel for what's going on while riding. It also gives you an idea of how crucial throttle control is while eliminating the risks of bigger, faster, and more expensive machines. Almost every American rider MotoGP rider started on the flat track.  Aside from having a great time, you will come away a better rider.

 Q.  What gear do I need?   

A.  You will need a full face helmet with shield or goggles, gloves that cover the wrist, boots that go above the ankle, long sleeved shirt/jersey, pants, and any other armor you’d like to wear (chest, back, knees, elbows).

 Q.  Do you rent gear?

A.  No, not at this time.

 Q.  Do I need experience?

A.  You should be able to operate a motorcycle. Be familiar with the clutch, gear changes, throttle. Other than that, no experience is required - all skill levels are welcome.

 Q.  How many people will be attending each weekend?

A.  The maximum we allow per event is 15 riders.

 Q.  *Can I bring my own bike?

A.  Yes. Your bike must be in good condition with a knobby front tire and non-knobby back tire, no leaks. The maximum engine size is 140cc. There is a $150 discount. Email: or call (760) 227-3100 to register with your own bike.

 Q.  What if I crash?

A.  Brush yourself off and laugh! Don’t worry about the bike; any damage is covered.

 Q.  What if it rains?

A.  Even better! Slipping and sliding is what it’s all about. We run rain or shine. Day and night!