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NASA - AZ Region

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Nasa or (National AutoSport Association) Arizona strives to deliver the highest quality club level motorsports events to enthusiasts in the state (and beyond).  Our region is only one out of 15 regions covering nearly every track in America!  NASA is the largest National organization with a “tiered driving system” that allows enthusiasts of any skill level a place to drive their car on track regardless if they are a 1st time novice, a veteran racer or somewhere in between.

NASA Arizona frequents all three road courses at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park (WHPMP) in Chandler, INDE Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona Motorsports Park (AMP) in Litchfield Park as well as Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center, CA.  We also have occassional “crossover events” with other NASA regions at great tracks such as AutoClub Speedway (formeraly “Cal Speedway”), Willow Springs, Miller Motorsports Park and Buttonwillow just to name a few.  NASA also hosts an annual National Championship were the best of the best meet to duke it out for top honors at famous tracks such as Miller Motorsports Park (2009-2010), Mid Ohio (2005-2008, 2011-2012), Infineon Raceway (aka- “Sears Point”), Virgina Motorspeedway (VIR), Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Watkins Glenn to name a few.

Other clubs may claim to be the “premier racing organization”, but we are confident that NASA AZ puts on the safest, most organized and well run events in the southwest 

NASA Comp School (TBD)

HPDE1 (Beginner)

This is where everyone starts. Personal 1×1 guidance is provided as part of the program from experienced racers. As your car control skills and confidence increases thoughout the day the instructor will allow you to drive closer to your personal limits. Basics of the class will address general track safety, the proper “line”, braking, turning, accelerating and having FUN! Passing is very limited in this group.

HPDE2 (Novice)

Your HPDE1 instructor has determined you have progressed enough that you can drive safely on track with less supervision. You apply what you learned in the HPDE1 sessions to get more practice. Instructors will continue to be available if requested.  Sometimes this group is combined with HPDE1 if participants do not warrant a separate group.

HPDE3 (Intermediate)

You have progressed past HPDE2.  In this group, passing rules are more relaxed but still restricted in some areas of the track.

HPDE4 (Advanced)

Congratulations! You have graduated to the world of high performance driving and have learned to share the track at high speeds with others. There are no passing restrictions as long as good judgment and proper track etiquette is utilized. You and your peers now have a safe, controlled environment to simply have fun with your car.  These drivers may also request to move into the “Time Trial” group and/or apply for a competition license (i.e. Race Group) if they are looking for even more competition.

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Later Event: February 20
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